Hand-made bikes for the discerning shredder




I’m Cam, and I’m a designer, engineer, fabricator, and long-term bike lover. Prior to turning my hand to building bikes in 2016, I used to design and build one-off racing cars for like-minded people with more ideas than sense.

People used to come to me with insane ideas like “I’d like to fit double wishbone suspension to the front of a 205 GTI.. oh and let’s stick a 550bhp rotary engine in there too, just to make people cry” and I’d say “YEP. Let’s do that.” then work my magic and make those crazy ideas sane and real.


The whole idea behind starting Hacker Bike Co wasn’t fame, fortune, or whatever else; just to make the sickest bikes possible and have a good time doing it.

I’ve been an obsessive rider since my teens - a pretty horrifying 20 years ago. For a fair bit of that time I’ve wanted to make my own bikes, and a few years ago realised I’ve more than acquired the skills and should just go for it. I started Hacker Bike Co around my motorsport work and am now getting set to pick up the pace.

I’m not afraid to be different, so always have an open mind for better ways to do something and am always sceptical of conventional or received wisdom. I spend much of my time thinking about and researching new and innovative ways of doing things - whether that’s a concept for a bike design or a new filler wire for welding it together, I’ll push the boundaries as much as possible and won’t stop until I’m satisfied, which will probably be never.


Having “grown up” in motorsport I’m 100% the cliche weight-obsessed loser you probably imagine: spending hours tweaking a design to drop a few grammes as if it’s literally the only thing in life that matters. Except it’s not the only thing that matters, I also have an acute attention to detail: I don’t care what the savings are, if it looks shit, I ain’t buying it, and I’m certainly not making it. And don’t even get me started on style over substance.

I make all my bikes right here in the UK and wherever possible will use other small UK businesses / individuals to make or do whatever I can’t myself. Yeah it’s more expensive that way, but like I said this isn’t about money and I’m not into screwing over the little guys to make a few quid. This is for the love.


I guess it either does or it doesn’t. Maybe you agree with me, maybe you don’t. Maybe you just want a sick bike and don’t really care how it became one. Maybe you do.

Like I said, my goal is to make the sickest bikes possible, and I think a big part of that is applying a combination of knowledge, skill, and values to make something truly exceptional: a bike that has been designed for truly high performance, crafted and assembled with meticulous attention to detail, then finished with the best components and the hottest paint from names and faces you know and can trust - for me, that’s what the sickest bike has to be. Maybe you agree.